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Behind The Brand...Yogi Pod

As a small brand ourselves we feel it more important than ever to support other independent brands and to show togetherness during challenging times.

We have hand-picked some of our favourite independent brands and have spent some time with their founders to understand what motivates and drives their brand, and to tell you a little more about their story in our new 'Behind The Brand' feature.

We met Georgie, Founder of YogiPod to tell us a little more about her super lovely brand.

How has the Coronavirus outbreak affected your business?  What have you had to change to adapt?

I’ve had to take all of my yoga classes online and am now very familiar with Zoom and moving the furniture around in the living room! When it comes to the products I have had to change how I ship, with collections from my house but other than that not much has changed. I have definitely noticed an increase in people practicing from home though which is great to see. 

What was your inspiration behind your brand & how did it begin?

This always seems such a cliche to say but it all began while I was travelling. I was on a career break having left my job in luxury fashion and knew I wanted to bring together my love of textiles and yoga. Travelling through India reignited my love of hand printing and began to sew the seed of Yogipod. 

Where did you get the inspiration for your products/designs from?

I knew I wanted to create something practical but also beautiful. Yoga props that inspired people to practice, something that they really liked to have around them rather than shoved into a cupboard. I know first hand how many additional props and items you end up with as you explore yoga and thought it would be lovely to have things that were around all the time that didn’t need to be put away or you resented falling over.  

What are your favourite items or design from your collection?

This is so hard as it changes all the time. I have a soft spot for eye pillows as such a seemingly inconsequential prop can have such a huge impact on your practice. It truly is a little bag of magic for relaxing the mind in savasana. Bolsters are also so lovely and such a beautiful tool to slow down with. When it comes to prints, I can’t pick a favourite, it changes all the time.

Which items are getting all the love from your customers? 

Bolsters are always the biggest seller which is funny because they were a bit of an afterthought really. To start with I was a lot more focused on the homewares and eye pillows and not long before launching thought I would investigate bolsters. I knew that if I was going to do them they had to be buckwheat filled and it was quite hard to find a supplier so I almost gave up! What I love about selling bolsters though is that people are investing in rest and relaxation. By purchasing one they are immediately slowing down which is so important. 

What is your fave yoga asana - what does it help with or represent in your body?

Oh this is so hard as it changes all the time. Savasana and child's pose are always places I end up in and really help to chill me out. I love flipping from three legged dog to wild thing, that always fills me with joy and if anyone has practiced with me they’ll know I love a standing balance. Anything on one leg, such as Warrior 3, I find equally empowering and grounding.

Where are your fave places to workout or ideal wellness location?

Working out I can do pretty much anywhere, although I must admit right now I am really missing the weights at the gym. I stupidly left ordering dumbbells for home too late and now can’t find any anywhere! When it comes to wellness locations, Rishikesh in India has a large place in my heart as does Bali. Both of those places are special in their energy. Although get me out in nature or on a blowy British beach and I’m just as happy.

What tips do you have for a successful mindset when it comes to health?

Don’t compare. It’s so much easier said than done and is definitely an ongoing practice but I don’t think anything good comes from comparison, whether it be comparing to others or yourself. I spent far too long comparing myself to others and as I’ve got older have slowly realised that actually I’m ok as myself and now have the healthiest relationship with my health I ever have.

What are you most proud about in terms of your brand?

Hands down the hand block printed fabric. This comes for an amazing cluster of artisans in Jaipur and is designed by them. I’ve curated the prints together and make the covers here but the beauty is in the human touch of the print. The little smudges and flaws that show it's been done by human hands. It still blows my mind that all the prints are hand carved into wooden blocks! By working with the cluster, the artisans are able to support their families, sending their children to school, buying houses and setting up their own printing workrooms. It really helps to keep this ancient craft alive. 

What does the future hold for your company/brand?

I’d hope to continue to grow the family around the brand, maybe doing some teaching events, more festivals to meet people and there may even be some clothing on the horizon in the future. 

What advice do you have for other entrepreneurs?

Go for it. I truly believe there is a thing as too much planning. Yes an idea needs to have some sort of grounding but you will never have all the answers and sometimes just need to jump in with both feet to see if it will work.

YogiPod are offering a discount on their products using the code: WILLOW get 15% off, this is valid until the end of June.


Why not give them a like, comment or share their post or leave a social review on their website to support them along their journey, @yogi_pod

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