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Behind The Brand...heka aromatherapy

As a small brand ourselves we feel it more important than ever to support other independent brands and to show togetherness during challenging times.

We have hand-picked some of our favourite independent brands and have spent some time with their founders to understand what motivates and drives their brand, and to tell you a little more about their story in our new 'Behind The Brand' feature.

We met Naomi, Founder of heka aromatherapy to tell us a little more about her amazing brand.

How has the Coronavirus outbreak affected your business?  What have you had to change to adapt?

As I sold through physical retail as well as online, I’ve noticed a drop in sales overall but an increase in orders as gifts for friends and family. In some ways this drop has been positive as I’ve had to adjust to home schooling and childcare for my children aged 3 and 9 which is pretty time consuming! 

For health and safety reasons I decided to put a hold on blending (I make everything by hand at home) which meant that some of my top sellers sold out quickly. But I am rearing to go again now that lockdown is being lifted! 

What was your inspiration behind your brand & how did it begin?

Heka is very much inspired by Ancient Egypt; both in style - the logo is a stylised hieroglyph - and in heritage - the Egyptians were obsessed with plant oils for health, beauty and spirituality. I’ve always been fascinated with Ancient Egypt….since I was in primary school actually! 

After my son was born I started getting interested in products and what really went into them as well as doing baby massage, so after a while I decided to apply for the Neals’ Yard Aromatherapy Diploma course to develop my passion further. Part of the course included making your own balm ...and it went from there! 

Where did you get the inspiration for your products/designs from?

I spent a long time tinkering with ingredients to get the perfect balance of therapeutic action and aroma in the blends. I like to use some of the same ingredients as the Ancient Egyptians like myrrh and frankincense and I also use oils that actually come from Egypt today, like sweet basil and jasmine. Ancient Egypt is the thread that goes through everything so you’ll find references to Nefertiti and Cleopatra in the product titles too.

What are your favourite items or design from your collection?

Oh that’s a hard one as I love them all! I think I’d have to say my Nefertiti Face Oil I - I use it every day and absolutely love the blend.  My husband is very keen on it too ;)

Which items are getting all the love from your customers? 

My new yoga spray seems popular - it’s a mat spray and room spray in one. 

What is your fave yoga asana - what does it help with or represent in your body?

I used to do a lot of yoga then switched to pilates to help with back problems but since lockdown I have been enjoying returning to yoga. I love cat /cow as my lower back is always stiff. 

Where are your fave places to workout or ideal wellness location?

Last year I started wild swimming and find it really exhilarating. I also love long walks with friends - it’s a great way to connect socially and get out into nature. I had lots of plans to do both of these activities more this year so I’m hoping to pick them up again when I can. I also like doing quick hit work outs at home; it fits well around the children/life and it saves on the cost of a gym membership which I’ve spent way too much on in the past!

What tips do you have for a successful mindset when it comes to health?

I like to take a 360 approach to health and not be too strict about anything. For me it’s important to notice how well I’m sleeping, what I’m eating and drinking, how much exercise I need as well as making sure I’m regularly doing what makes me happy - like seeing my close friends, feeding my brain, reflecting on my feelings and learning from any ‘failures’... all of the these contribute to a positive mindset and help me try to keep a healthier lifestyle most of the time, rather something I just do 1 month per year. 

What are you most proud about in terms of your brand?

That people want to buy my products; it sounds simple but at this start up stage of my business I’m just so grateful for my customers!

What does the future hold for your company/brand?

I have lots of ideas for new products and I also look forward to being part of wellness events (which was the plan before lockdown)

I have a few dream stores that I’d love to see my brand in one day too!

What advice do you have for other entrepreneurs?

Connect to other entrepreneurs even if they aren’t in your field, they’re invaluable for specific advice and just general support. Be prepared to work flexibly and adaptably; accept the need to work different hours and be open to new opportunities; you never know where they might take you!

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Why not give them a like, comment or share their post or leave a social review to their website to support them along their journey, @heka_aromatherapy

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