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Behind The Brand...Elan Skincare

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

As a small brand ourselves we feel it more important than ever to support other independent brands and to show togetherness during challenging times.

We have hand-picked some of our favourite independent brands and have spent some time with their founders to understand what motivates and drives their brand, and to tell you a little more about their story in our new 'Behind The Brand' feature.

We met Joanna, Founder of Elan Skincare to tell us a little more about her fantastic brand.

How has the Coronavirus outbreak affected your business?  What have you had to change to adapt?

It affected all our plans. We were to attend many shows, trade events and conferences in March and April. These were all cancelled. We were to be found in new shops across London, these were all closed. We had to revaluate our priorities and put certain plans on hold, like hiring new staff.

We had to adapt to an entirely new situation by increasing our presence on social media, forging new relations, and deepening the existing ones with our partners, suppliers, and, most importantly, our customers. It is a tough time for everyone. We are all affected. But now more than ever, I feel we crave the personal connection and brands with purpose that can engage with their customers, are more likely to be noticed. Kindness and care are crucial to our operations. 

What was your inspiration behind your brand & how did it begin? 

The word Elan means distinctive style and elegance. Elan Skincare is about the joy of living, creating exquisite skincare delightful to the senses and nurturing to the body and soul. Our key focus is on women’s well-being.

I launched the brand in 2017 with a clear vision of creating an honest and transparent skincare brand, with strong foundations in science, nature, and art.  There is an art to how you combine science and natural ingredients to create the beautiful, yet effective product. And it is the art that can inspire the mind and evoke feelings.

At heart, I am doing this for my daughter. I want her and other girls and women to have confidence through a well looked - after and healthy skin.  

Where did you get the inspiration for your products/designs from?

The inspiration for the design comes from art. Right from the start, I wanted to create a luxurious natural brand that would be elegant, light, and very feminine. The final designs are the result of the creative collaboration between my designer Kara from KARAKON studio, my sister, and me.

 The skincare range is formulated to tackle specific skin conditions, address anti-ageing concerns, protect, prevent pre-mature ageing, and bring the glow back. It is equally inspired by nature as it is by science.

What are your favourite items or design from your collection?

I love the whole range. I use all of our products. Each day I begin with antioxidant serum – the Wonder Serum mixed with Dream Hyaluronic Acid Booster Serum. It gives me a glow, protects from free radical damage, it is light, deeply hydrating, and moisturising. It can be used under make-up and it smells divine. At night I use Dream Overnight Face serum with vitamin C and our Dream Eye Renewal serum. Depending on the season, I switch the serums from Wonder to Whisper in the winter. A lot of time and effort went to formulating these products. They are all beautiful and my favourite skincare products.

Which items are getting all the love from your customers? 

The Pure Goodness Body Butter is the most loved one now. It took over two years to finalise its formula, but it is truly a creation of love. It was designed with my kids in mind, especially my daughter, who suffers from dry skin and had episodes of eczema in the past. It is a beautiful blend of organic oils like oat kernel, macadamia, or squalane with organic butters like shea and cocoa, and plant waxes like jojoba and rice bran, fortified with vitamin E and aloe vera extract. It is rich, deeply nourishing, and moisturising. It will calm your skin, moisturise, and protect. And we have realised it can help sore, cracked, and inflamed hands upon receiving customers’ feedback. We make it in small batches in our studio in London. My daughter and I are using it daily, too.

What is your fave yoga asana - what does it help with or represent in your body?

My favourite is the sun salutation sequence. It energises my body but also calms my mind. It is profoundly relaxing and makes me feel more awake and centred.

Where are your fave places to workout or ideal wellness location?

I love to practice in our loft, which is filled with natural light, has vast open space and wooden floors. I used to practice yoga regularly, attending classes each week. Now, I do it on my own or with my kids who like to join in. One of my most beautiful workouts was at sunrise at the seaside. Listening to the waves, watching the sunrise, breathing fresh, salty air. The beauty of surrounding nature and working with your body, slowing down the race of thoughts and inhaling peace. My ideal wellness location is surrounded by nature, in the woods, meadows, on the beach or by the lake.

What tips do you have for a successful mindset when it comes to health?

In the early days of the Coronavirus lockdown, I felt unwell and sick with worry. I started to listen to a meditation app and meditate each evening before going to sleep. It helped me deal with negative thoughts and focus more on breathing. The stress of the whole situation and its unpredictability caused various pains in my body, from a stiff neck to chest pains. The meditation, switching off from social media, and stopping to check news a few times a day, helped me to overcome the worry. Indeed mindset is everything. How you approach things, how you perceive them have a great impact on you and your well-being. Looking at one positive thing a day, being grateful for what you have, being kind to others and yourself. Looking after your body by ensuring you eat well and do whatever form of exercise that suits you best. And finally, avoid comparing yourself to others. What works for others does not mean it will work for you. Listen to yourself and your body and find your own way.

What are you most proud of in terms of your brand?

I am most proud of the kind of customers my brand is attracting. These are independent, bright women; a lot of them are like me, small business owners. I also have designers, artists, university professors, among my loyal customers. I think they connect with the brand on a deeper level. They are not interested in superficial beauty. They share the same values and support ethical and transparent companies that have sustainability and giving back at their core. These women do not want to erase their age from their faces; they want to highlight their natural beauty, look, and feel well.

What does the future hold for your company/brand?

I see my company expanding beyond England. I see us hiring people, which was temporarily put on hold because of the pandemic. I see more women learning about Elan Skincare and becoming our customers. I see a lot of collaborations with like-minded people and brands. More engagement. Sharing the knowledge, promoting a certain lifestyle, and a way of being focused on building relations and making a positive impact. Cherishing and empowering women.

What advice do you have for other entrepreneurs?

To have faith in yourself, your idea, and your dream. There will be many times you will encounter difficulties. Many things will be beyond your control. You are bound to face criticism and rejection, make mistakes, and costly assumptions, but if you have faith in yourself, you can overcome these. I do not believe in lasting success overnight. Things take time. Situations evolve rapidly. It is a journey with many ups and downs, but you are in the driving seat. Believe in yourself.

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