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Our Story

Willow was founded in 2018 by Amy Powell with a mission in mind: to bring joy to people’s Yoga practice through her love of vibrant patterns and background in textile design. 


It all started ten years ago when she travelled to India and discovered her passion for Yoga. The way it enabled her to clear her mind and provide energy and motivation for the day ahead was a feeling that nothing had ever given her before. After returning home to the UK, she soon made Yoga part of her daily life, and in 2018 she decided to take a leap of faith and combine her love for all things travel and nature with her background in textile print design.


Willow Yoga was born, and Amy created four bespoke yoga mat designs that are more than just a mat - they’re her work of art. The collection now also includes towel toppers and microfibre towels, designed to take with you to retreats in far flung places, just like the one that first inspired Amy all those years ago.  


Our Eco Credentials 


The environment was always forefront of mind when launching Willow Yoga. Amy wanted to create unique, beautiful, premium mats that are sustainable, eco-friendly and don’t cost the earth. 


All of our mats are made from a natural rubber base and natural microfibre topping.


Thank you 


A big thank you from us to each and everyone one of you. We love hearing your positive feedback about how our mats have changed your mindset around yoga. If you'd like to send us your feedback or have any questions about our products, send us an email at

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