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How to keep a positive mindset


How are you feeling?

Image shows our Kew Tropics Indigo mat

Most of us have now spent at least a week in isolation, and it can be difficult to maintain a positive mindset. It is important to remember that we are all in this together, and we are not the only ones who feel worried during this uncertain time. We can start to really appreciate the value of togetherness, and as a nation we are showing how resilient we are.

Here are a few things that have worked well for us in adapting to our new way of living:

  • Create a schedule so that you keep a healthy work/life balance. I find it useful to have a dedicated workspace, so I can get myself into the mood for work, then make sure I stick to finishing work on time. Now that the Spring weather is brightening up our days, have lunch in the garden and make sure you have your daily walk

  • We don’t have to commute to work any more! This is probably saving you several hours a week, so why not try and make use of the additional time to start that project you never get round to doing, or learn something new?

  • We now have such a great choice of online yoga classes, having the flexibility to try heaps of different yoga and online exercise classes has been really inspiring! Check out some of our favourites below

  • Make time to have FaceTime/Zoom calls with family and friends. We have started having weekly group FaceTime catch ups which really helps to share any troubles and support each other.

  • Restrict the amount of time you spend taking in the news and on social media. It can be good to stay connected, but taking in too many scare stories can have a negative impact… let’s try and keep one another boosted with some positivity.

Stay Safe, Stay Home and Save Lives


Online Yoga Classes

Emily Hayden

Check out @emilyhyoga on Instagram to join her next online practice, available free through IGTV.

Wild Wolfs Yoga

Wild Wolfs Yoga are running lots of amazing daily classes. Check out their timetable here.

Virtual Soul Circus

The unique Soul Circus Festival are running Soul Circus at Home from next week, bringing all the best bits from the festival to your home.

Yoga Brunch Club

Clem is bringing the special Yoga Brunch Club experience to Zoom with her Online Retreat.

Image shows our Kew Tropics Hot Pink mat

Are there any other online yoga classes that you take part in that you recommend?

Please let us know in the comments.

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