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How to rebalance your nervous system...

We want to acknowledge that these stressful times are causing havoc with our nervous systems, and so we want to share our tips on how we can help rebalance ourselves and why it's important to do so.

Morning routine...make time for yourself in the morning and create a morning routine that works for you. Have a well-balanced breakfast and take a morning walk out in the fresh air. It's the perfect way to clear your head and plan for the day ahead.

Breathing help you feel grounded, sit in a calm quiet space, breathe in for 4, and breathe out for 8... repeat this for 2-3 minutes and allow yourself to feel that sense of calm. When any anxiety crops up, come back to this breathing exercise and regain your sense of calm.

Restorative yoga... stretch it out. Roll out your mat and start with a slow flow allowing yourself to listen to your body and work on the areas that are calling out to you. Simple neck rolls and stretches of the arms, building up to a slightly faster flow to get the blood pumping. This will set you up for a productive day. Check out Wild Wolf's Yoga or Kinship Studio to find your perfect online yoga flow.

Take a matter what time of day it is, take a bath... allow a bit of self care and look after your body. Your soul knows what your body needs so allow your mind to follow and create the relaxation your body deserves.

Time off your phone... take a social media detox, instead call a friend and stay connected with one another. Setting alerts to reduce your screen time per day, can help as a welcome reminder to not spend too much time scrolling.

We hope these tips are of help... we are giving you permission to take care of yourself and know this storm will pass - we will be able to reach out and hug our family and friends once more. But for now, check in with yourself first and listen to what your body's telling you.

Willow Yoga x

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